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Siljan kommune is situated in a long and relatively narrow valley in the south-eastern part of Telemark, Norway. The river Siljanelva runs through the valley.

Siljan is a very small town with only 2 400 inhabitants. However, the town has a very interesting history as the region has been inhabited for almost 9000 years.

Agriculture has been important industry in Siljan. Large areas of the Siljan hinterland, however, are covered in forests. The big spurce and pine timbers have been harvested by sawmills. 

The Siljan crest, which consists of three vertical saw blades on a green background, was inspired by the earliest saws used in these mills. Designer, Halvor Holtskog, in cooperation with officials in Riksantikvaren, designed the symbol, which became the official emblem of Siljan in 1989. Jeweller, Per Tengel Tveten, has used the Siljan emblem in a collection of silver tie pins, necklaces, earrings and brooches. The brooch
is worn on the official Siljansweater, a traditional handknitted wool sweater from the locality.

The Siljan crest

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